Soy Melts

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  • Made using natural soy wax ~ we use high quality sustainable and biodegradable natural soy wax
  • Great value ~ our soy melts are long lasting and reusable over multiple sessions
  • Make your home or office smell amazing ~ many amazing fragrances to choose from
  • Compatible with any oil burner ~ it doesn’t matter if you have an electric or traditional ceramic burner
  • Easy to use ~ no need to add water or other oil, just pop in a block and enjoy
  • 24 – 36 hours approximate burn time per pack
  • 60g net weight
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Our soy melts are a great way to enjoy amazing home fragrances with some mix-and-match variation. Pop out a block of scented soy wax and place it in your oil burner. Your environment will smell amazing, you’ll feel uplifted and it’s great fun too!

You’ll enjoy a luscious scent that will flow through your house, uplifting your mood and impressing anyone who has the pleasure of your company. These are designed to be melted in a ceramic oil burner using a tealight candle (or electric burner) to melt the wax into a pool of heavenly scented liquid. The best thing about these are that you have options – do you keep the fragrance pure or do you mix-and-match fragrances to create your own blend? Simply pop out a block from your favourite scent(s) and let your nose be the judge!

For best results use a tealight soy candle to heat your soy melts. This is because soy candles burn at a lower temperature than petroleum-based candles, which means your soy melt will last longer as the fragrance won’t burn off as quickly. Plus, they’ll burn a lot cleaner and don’t produce sooty bi-products while burning.

Soy wax is a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly resource. It’s a vegetable wax obtained from the soybean meaning it’s not stressful on the environment to produce compared to petroleum-based wax. We offer a range of amazing fragrances, they all smell incredible and even more so once you find out your favourite combinations to melt together. Proudly handcrafted in New Zealand by Little Olive Tree using natural ingredients!

  • Label colour might change with fragrance