Shea Butter Lip Balm 5g

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  • Perfect for helping with dry or chapped lips ~ this lip balm is rich in natural ingredients, all picked for their nourishing and protective properties
  • Be at ease knowing that you’re using a 100% natural product ~ our formula uses only natural ingredients and nothing else, enjoy peace of mind knowing that you aren’t putting anything in your mouth that shouldn’t be there
  • Essential oils ~ our natural selection of essential oils will pamper your lips and smell great too
  • 5g net weight
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Available Scents: Peppermint; Spearmint; Unscented; Vanilla

Ingredients: Shea ButterBeeswaxOlive OilAvocado OilCocoa ButterRosehip OilVitamin E Oil & Essential Oils (excluding the unscented lip balm).

A shea butter lip balm will bring satisfaction to your lips! Whether you’re seeking something to make your lips feel great, or if you’re looking for something to help damaged or chapped lips, this lip balm will do wonders either way.

You’ll need something at the ready next time you notice the harsh elements taking its toll on your lips. Be prepared with a shea butter lip balm! Otherwise you’ll be stuck with sore lips and resort to buying an inferior lip balm, and no one wants that (least of all your lips)! Besides, it’s nice to have a sensual lip balm for general everyday use anyway. At such a good price for a cute stick of goodness it’s worth popping one of these into your order – your lips will love you for it!

Our shea butter lip balm will take care of your lips like never before. Our rich blend of shea butter and cocoa butter, combined with natural oils and beeswax all work together to provide great soothing sensations and a lasting barrier against the elements. Having well nourished and hydrated lips means damaged skin heals faster, they’ll be less prone to any further damage, they’ll look nice & healthy (yum!) and your lipstick/gloss will wear better too.

Our shea butter lip balm is offered in 4 variations. The difference between them is the essential oil chosen. Each one smells nice and will treat your lips with love and respect. Proudly produced using 100% natural ingredients right here in New Zealand by Little Olive Tree. There really isn’t a good reason to pass up on one of these little beauties!

  • Label colour might change with fragrance