Reed Diffuser 200ml

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  • Long lasting ~ our diffusers last up to 10 months, keep them in a non-drafty area to extend their use
  • Great as a decor piece ~ not only do they smell amazing, they look great too
  • Safe ~ produced using compliant, safe and high quality oils
  • 200ml volume
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A reed diffuser delivers an elegant and sensual way to bring amazing fragrances to your home or office. Create a place of visual and aromatic pleasure with one of these simple and attractive beauties. Plus, they last a long time – up to 10 months!

Made with our special blend of fragranced diffuser oil, a reed diffuser is a great way to create a visual and aromatic sense of style in your home or office. Large 200ml diffuser jars provide up to 10 months of pleasurable fragrance, working 24 hours a day every single day. Wherever you place one of these a subtle and wafting fragrance will linger. These are designed to let fragrance disperse slowly over time, creating a delicate addition to the air.

We provide you with everything you need: a visually appealing glass jar full of sensual fragrance, 8 wooden reed sticks, and the wooden cap. For best results, we recommend dipping both ends of the reed sticks into the oil upon first use. Then simply turn your reed sticks every few days or just before any visitors or special guests arrive.

We only use high-quality oils in our reed diffuser. It’s alcohol-free, and unlike some diffuser oils, it’s VOC (volatile organic compound) and CARB compliant (Californian Air Resource Board). This all means that it’s not damaging to the atmosphere or your local environment. We offer a range of reed diffusers in various fragrances. They all smell great and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Proudly handcrafted in New Zealand using quality fragrances.

  • Label colour might change with fragrance