Minty Foot Balm

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  • Freshen your feet ~ our blend of mint essential oils leaves your feet with a mild tingle, leaving them feelng fresh and smelling great
  • Great for sore feet ~ if you get sore feet after a long day, or if they’re sore in general, a foot massage with this foot balm will feel amazing
  • Perfect for cracked heels – deliver moisture to cracked or rough feet/heels, making them feel softer and look healthier
  • Essential oils ~ our special blend of essential oils will pamper your feet to leave them feeling refreshed
  • 100% natural ~ this foot balm is a 100% natural product, enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no nasties
  • 70g net. weight

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Ingredients: Olive Oil, Mango Butter, BeeswaxVitamin E Oil & Essential Oils.

Minty foot balm will bring joy to your feet with its rich and natural blend of ingredients. Your poor feet are tasked with carrying your entire body weight around this good earth and they deserve some pampering. Repay your feet for all their hard work by massaging some of our minty foot balm into them. They will feel replenished and will be super happy to continue being your feet in the future.

Do your feet a favour! Show them you appreciate them, look after them with some of our luscious foot balm.

This minty foot balm delivers a rich and nourishing experience that will soothe sore feet and give moisture to cracked & dry heels. Plus, it’ll leave your feet smelling great with a fresh tingly feeling to enjoy too. Enjoy the goodness of mango butter combined with olive oil and beeswax, all combining to give your feet an amazing pamper and a lasting protective barrier afterwards.

For maximum satisfaction apply this after giving your feet a long soak and well-deserved foot scrub. Dry your feet after soaking, then rub & massage this foot balm directly onto your foot with extra attention going to any sore and especially dry areas. Finally, put on a fresh pair of clean cotton socks. This will cover the foot to ensure no balm is lost on the floor or rubbed into any carpet if you need to get up and walk around. Having some clean socks will also help your feet feeling warm and absorb all of the nutrients while pores remain open.

Our minty foot balm is handcrafted in New Zealand by Little Olive Tree using 100% natural ingredients. It contains no artificial fragrance oils at all, it’s fantastic for your feet and you’ll appreciate the way your feet feel after some pampering!